Limited Opening

We’ve made progress in the shop, having received our dyno pods, as well as other equipment delivery and setup achievements.  This has brought us to a point where I’m comfortable saying we are now open in a limited capacity; we will continue to work towards a Grand Opening at which time we will be ready to offer all of our major services.

At this time, we are booking appointments for the following services, all with what we feel are superior quality and competitive pricing resulting in unbeatable value:

  • Oil Changes
  • Tire and Wheel Installation, Mounting, and Balancing
  • Auto Servicing and Repair (brakes, check-engine-light diagnosis, etc.)

The following services will be added soon, once we are satisfied with our equipment setup and calibration:

  • Alignments
  • AWD Dynamometer Rentals

Some notes on the services mentioned above:

Oil Changes:

We can provide the following oil brands, in addition to commonly-sourced brands:  AMSOil, Redline, Royal Purple, Driven Racing, Lucas Oil.

We can provide the following oil filters, in addition to commonly-sourced brands: AMSOil EA, Royal Purple, K&N

Tire and Wheel:

We use the Hunter Revolution touchless tire mounting machine, which does not use a table clamp, and does not require a lever or any other tooling to actually touch the rim of your wheels during mounting.

We use the Hunter Roadforce Elite balancer, which uses laser sighting to improve accuracy, and is the only balancer that tests differences in sidewall stiffness as it relates to vibration or tracking while on the road.  We combine this with the 3M weight tape system, which means we create our own adhesive weights for each application, and are therefore not limited to weight sizes.  This also means there is no need to physically hammer weights on to your wheel’s rim.

Auto Servicing:

We have access to the OEM aftermarket (Bosch, Moog, etc.) as well as the modified and upgraded aftermarket, such as AEM, Grimmspeed, K&N, Wilwood, Stoptech, etc.  Our technician also has access to the most modern diagnostic tools available on the market to help diagnose issues and perform repairs as required.

To discuss pricing and to book an appointment, please contact us via our preferred method, email:

Or by texting us:


Online booking is in a test mode right now, and will be opening soon.

Open House

We’ll be having an open house on Saturday April 7th from 12pm to 5pm.  Feel free to stop by for a spot of lunch, watch an episode of Mighty Car Mods or The Grand Tour, tour the shop, meet the owner and mechanic, play some arcade games, and generally have a good time.  Hope to see you there!

See our post about our location for more information about that: SHOP LOCATION

Change of plans….. Time to build a mezzanine so we can clear the lower shop floor area for more activities!  This will allow us drive-through access to the rear lift, and will also result in a much nicer waiting area and office.  I’m shooting for a limited opening in March, hope to see you there!  

Setting up Shop

We are aiming for a grand opening this spring.  In the meantime, Sean and I are busy setting up all of our new equipment and getting it all configured and tested properly.  I’m very excited to offer all-wheel-drive dyno and tuning services, suspension upgrades and wheel alignments, Hunter RoadForce balancing and automated no-touch Revolution tire changing, amid oil changes, repairs, and other services.  More details will come as we get closer to our March opening.  Here is a photo with our two newest babies!

AWD Dynamometer Services

Nikola Tuning offers an AWD hub-dyno facility, servicing vehicles up to 2,000HP.  This dyno is built in the US and is capable of measuring torque at the axles, without any tire flex or wheel spin anomalies.  The hub-style dyno also allows us to accommodate almost infinite combinations of wheelbase and track widths, along with most 2WD and AWD/4×4 vehicles.

The DYNO-mite Dynanometer is set to arrive in April or May 2018.  After we have it setup, check back here for more details such as services, pricing, photos, and videos.

Welcome to Nikola Tuning

Nikola Tuning is Winnipeg’s newest performance automotive upgrade, tuning, and repair shop.  If you are looking for the S-Pack, it is now being developed separately and can be found at its own company’s site here.

Nikola Tuning will be performing these common services, catering to the vibrant performance vehicle community in and around Winnipeg:

  • Wheel and Tire Installation
  • Wheel Alignments
  • AWD Dynamometer Testing
  • Automotive Repairs
  • Automotive Upgrades